Wednesday, 29 April 2015

It's not about the money, money, money...

28 April, 2015 - Statement from Gerry and Kate Regarding Libel Case

"We want to emphasise that the action was never about money. It has always been focused on the effects of the libels on our other children and the damage that was done to the search for Madeleine."

Ah, noble words indeed from Mr and Mrs Parent 2007. So why then, are the gruesome twosome, claiming that they're "delighted" with the outcome, given that the judge ruled that no damage had been caused by Goncalo Amaral, to any of the McCann children, that he didn't hinder the investigation, and that no child suffered in any way due to his actions?

With regards to the McCann's three children, this is what the parents set out to get from Goncalo Amaral:

I-Payment to each of them of damages with a global value not inferior to 1.2 million Euros , being 500.000 Euros to the 3rd applicant (MBM), 100.000 Euros each for the 4th (SMM) and 5th (AEM) applicants.

A total of 700,000 Euros.

The following figure is what they were awarded:

0 Euros.

In fact the only people to be awarded anything in this case, pending Goncalo Amaral's appeal, on paper for the moment, is Kate and Gerry McCann.

Put simply like this, it is the children who have lost, and the parents who have won. Much the same as it was almost 8 years to the day. The twins lost their sister, and Madeleine Beth McCann, in all probability lost her life, and in almost mirror fashion, we have the parents claiming that they're delighted, just as their faces showed back in 2007 when they were pictured laughing and joking only days after Madeleine was reported missing.

But back to the present day.

The Judge ruled that the book was factual, so all you pros can quit with the "Amaral lied" bullshit, he didn't. The only liars are those who state that Goncalo lied.

Point I – The book is reporting facts that were present in the investigation and there is nothing new there and can, in fact, be confirmed in the report of Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida (n9) and was pursued in the investigation process (ns 10 and 11), resulting in the constitution of Arguidos of the applicants and this was presented to the media and to the general public through the publication of the copy of the Investigation. (n 65 and 66)"

The only reason it is to be banned again, is because the judge ruled the the McCanns had a right to be presumed innocent, and there my friends, is the key word, PRESUMED. Nowhere in the summary does it say that Kate and Gerry were innocent. Nowhere does it say that it is proven that anyone other than the McCanns harmed Madeleine, and concealed both her death, and her body.

Yet still the McCann's are delighted.

The only thing the McCanns can take from this is some money, which according to them it was never about, and the knowledge that a book never published in English, will be banned.

Of course the vast majority of Portuguese people don't believe the McCanns for one second. As can be seen in the video, their own lawyer, Isabel Duarte admitted the following:

"I feel alone, because I don't feel support, er, not in public opinion, erm, I have friends that don't want to talk to me about the case................because everyone believes in Goncalo Amaral"

Well Isabel let me tell you a little story about what happens when things are banned, they become far mightier than when they were freely available, people want to see what they are being told they can't.

And people will read:

They will watch:

And Goncalo Amaral will have more support than ever before.

To coin a famous movie quote:

"If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine"

So Kate and Gerry, still feeling victorious?

Or are you secretly wishing you'd never started a contest, that no matter what, you will never win.

The plot thickens - Isabel Duarte gets inside information

Yesterday, 28th April 2015, the media reported that the McCanns had been awarded varying figures from the damages trial they instigated against Goncalo Amaral. We were very sceptical as to whether the news was genuine, or whether it was simply more dirty tricks from team McCann, the like of which we saw on January 21st 2015, when someone, rumoured to be Isabel Duarte, the McCann's lawyer, told the Lusa News Agency that the McCann's had won the trial against Goncalo.

For those of you who don't know what the Lusa News Agency is, it is basically a 51% state owned organization, that gathers reports and articles, press and news companies can then access this information, and use it to publish news through their outlets. As Sky News and various others did yesterday.

What took us all by surprise as events unfolded, was that the press were getting these stories before Goncalo's legal team were. This just didn't make sense at all The verdict was always supposed to be sent to both parties in writing.

So why didn't Goncalo's team have the documentation?

The answer to that is quite astonishing.

Isabel Duarte got her hands on the document before it passed through Citius, the judicial network, she then passed it on to several journalists.

The documentation that she was passing round yesterday, bore no official authentication. It couldn't possibly have done, as it hadn't passed through the full legal process.

We will update this blog for you to judge for yourselves, just as soon as we have more information.

Some big questions remain though.

How was confidential information leaked to Isabel Duarte?

Did Isabel Duarte obtain these documents illegally?

Has Isabel Duarte breached legal protocol by passing unofficial documentation onto the press?

and most importantly, could this jeopardise the entire verdict?

Centre of a judicial storm, Isabel Duarte (above) 

One thing is for sure it opens the door for an official complaint from Goncalo Amaral's legal team, who yesterday couldn't publicly comment to the many calls from the media, as they didn't have any information with which to do so. 

More to follow..............

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Some of the crowd are on the pitch.

Eight years to the day the McCanns embarked on a fateful trip to Portugal. A trip that would begin with a family of five going on holiday, and a family of four returning. So how would you expect the McCanns to be feeling today?

Distraught perhaps, that no matter which way you look at this, their actions led to the disappearance of their own daughter?

Guess again.

"The McCanns, from Rothley, Leicestershire, said they are "delighted" with the judge's verdict."

The above quote was from today.


How in the name of God, could any parent be feeling delighted with ANY news on today of all days?

Despite Miguel Cruz Rodrigues, the McCann's lawyer, not being given any confirmation of the verdict, it would appear that the McCanns have been awarded a sum of money. Not the full amount by a long shot, although that won't stop the disgraceful duo claiming they have won.

Of course Goncalo Amaral will have the right to appeal, in which case Kate and Gerry wouldn't receive a penny, until the outcome of  that trial is decided, and who knows what a trial at another court could bring. Let us not forget, the McCanns succeeded in getting Amaral's book, and documentary banned once before, only for the Supreme Court to over rule the ban.

But, let us not detract from what shall be known from this day forth as Kate and Gerry Day, a day that shall be remembered in McCann history as the moment the odious couple were "delighted"

"Some of the crowd are on the pitch, they think it's all over............"

Not yet!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Reliable dogs - written by Syn0nymph

Written by Syn0nymph

Cadaver are dogs unreliable eh Gerry? You may want to rethink that....

Judge rules that cadaver evidence IS relevant and admissible in missing Amir Jennings case 

Sounds familiar, cadaver dogs smell death, witness sees man carrying child

Yet more cadaver success puts killers Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog behind bars 

Cadaver Dogs Help Solve Cold Case. Two cadaver dogs alert in same place.. again 

In the Hadden clark case, Cadaver dog Dan alerted in Jan 1993 and Panzer alerted in Sept 95.
Two more murderers behind bars thanks to Eddie & Keela and Morse

and Adrian Prout rotting in a jail thanks to yet another EVRD

And thanks to Buster Suzanne Pilley's murderer is behind bars

and yet another case where if it was not for EVRD dogs, Megan Sharpton would not have been found

Canine expert testifed on cadaver scent in Bianca Jones case
And of course her father D'Andre Lane was found guilty of her murder. Cadaver scent detected by Morse, trained by, wait for it, Martin Grime who was the handler for the dogs on the McCann case!

Then we have the Tia Sharp case where her body was moved and dogs were not put in the attic as they struggle to walk on joists
Despite this a dog alerted towards the ceiling but his handler ignored it and was reprimanded for doing so when 2 days later when dogs were brought in again dogs again they alerted and the poor girl was eventually found. Human error prevented her being found earlier. Dogs did their job, humans failed

And lastly poor April Jones. A man is being held and charged with her murder based on the findings of cadaver dogs.

Not so unreliable after all.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Pandering police forces, visions and Jammie Dodgers

Leicestershire Police Force should hang there heads in shame. The manner in which they have pandered to the McCann's and the tapas 7 is nothing short of disgraceful. They have laughed and joked during questioning of the friends, whilst discussing important issues such as whether Jane "more stories than jackanory" Tanner would like jammie dodgers with her cup of tea, and "trying not to giggle" whilst interviewing Fiona Payne when she mentions that Jane Tanner left the table to "relieve Russell"

On the 16th May 2007 Katherine Gaspar made a statement to the Leicestershire Police force which raised some very serious concerns about David Payne who had organised the holiday to Praia da Luz with the McCanns and the rest of the friends more commonly known as the "tapas 9". In September 2005 Katherine Gaspar and her husband Savio holidayed in Majorca with the McCanns, David and Fiona Payne, and their respective children. Here are the most worrying quotes from that statement:

"I was sitting between Gerry and Dave and I think both were talking about Madeleine. I can’t remember the conversation in its entirety, but they seemed to be discussing a particular scenario. I remember Dave saying to Gerry something about ‘she’, meaning Madeleine, ‘would do this’.While he mentioned the word ‘this’, Dave was doing the action of sucking one of his fingers, pushing it in and out of his mouth, while with his other hand he was doing a circle around his nipple, with a circular movement around his clothes. This was done in a provocative way. There seemed to be an explicit insinuation about what he was saying and doing. I remember being shocked by that. I always felt it was something very weird and that it was not something anyone should say or do."
“I remember thinking whether he would look at my daughter and other little girls in a different way than I or others do. I imagined that he had perhaps visited internet sites related to little children. In a word, I thought that he could be interested in child pornography on the web. During our holiday in Majorca, each parent would bath the children in turn. I was keen to stay near the bathroom if Dave was bathing the children. I remember I said to Savio to be careful and to be close by if Dave was helping to bathe the children and my daughter in particular. I did this [stay hear the bathroom if Dave was bathing the children] quite obviously because hearing what he said had troubled me and I didn’t trust him bathing ‘A’ [our first child]. When I heard Dave say this for the second time, it reinforced what I had already been thinking concerning his thoughts about little girls."

Alarmingly this statement was hidden from the PJ for a total of 6 months, much to the concern of the Gaspars, by the time the PJ got hold of the statement Goncalo Amaral had already been removed from the case. Surely this was vital information that could have helped build a better picture of the sort of people the McCanns were in the company of, so why would the LP suppress it, particularly after other concerns raised by Yvonne Martin who had worked for 25 years in the area of child protection? Yvonne Martin concluded that she had seen David Payne in the course of her professional activity in child protection, not being able to discern if he was a suspect/arguido or witness.

On the flip side of the coin the LP made the most ludicrous request of the PJ. On May 8th 2007 Kate McCann spoke to D.C. 975 Markley of Leicestershire Constabulary, regarding a "vision" a friend of her Aunties had. This "vision" was about Madeleine being on a yacht. Markley wrote the following on a spare sheet of LC paper headed 'LEICESTERSHIRE CONSTABULARY:

Continuation WITNESS STATEMENT,' the following:

I spoke to Kate McCann on Tuesday 8th of May 07. She told me that a friend of her Aunt & Uncle from Leicester had a friend that had a strong vision that Madeleine was on a boat with a man in the Marina in Lagos.

This person arrived in Portugal and has spoke to Kate. They have visited the Marina and identified the boat as "SHEARWATER". They saw a man on the boat but this was not the same man that she had in her vision.

This is very important to Kate. I spoke to Glen Pounder if he could make some enqs with regards to the boat.

He has done this and the boat is registered to a Canadian National called Bruce Cook. Glen has told me that George Reyes at the police stn is now dealing with the matter with regards to doing PNC checks etc.

I spoke with Kate today and she has given me photographs of the boat. She has also given me a photograph of a man who had been on the boat. This is not the man that the woman had in her vision.

This matter is very important to her and she is very pleased that we are making enqs into the matter.

Once the enqs have been completed can we please let her know the result.


The letter is then signed by DC Markley. An international letter of request to the PJ asking them to investigate this lead was then sent, all upon the basis of a vision, not a witness statement but a vision!!!! You couldn't make it up.

But it get's worse.........

The PJ requested that the Leicestershire Police Force interview the tapas 7, and send them a list of questions they would like to be asked. All the statements are viewable by searching "McCannfiles rogatory statements" on your web browser. Have a read through them and you will see what I mean by pathetic pandering. Yes the questions were asked, and the motions gone through, but make no mistake this was all that happened. There was no hard line follow up questions, no pressure applied, even when the replies were so obviously ones of guilt or of a person who knew more than they wanted to let on the Police simply moved on, even in some instances changing the subject. Here's an example:

1485 ”What about a kit bag? Would they have a kit bag with them?”

Reply ”Err he certainly didn’t have a great big tennis bag or a, you know, err I mean I used to be a squash, a semi-professional squash player and you know they certainly didn’t have anything that I would call a kit bag from days when I played…”

1485 ”Yeah.”

Reply ”You know, a lot of sport, err if they had a rucksack with some water in that would be, you know, about as big as it got, you know a small rucksack. But it certainly wasn’t a big tennis, you know, things that you could put a tennis racquet in.”

1485 ”Yeah.”

Reply ”There was nothing of that size that you could hide a, a tennis racquet in or anything like that, it would have been just purely, if they had anything…”

1485 ”Yeah.”

Reply ”It would have been something that had their water in.”

1485 ”So as opposed to a bag it’d be something like a rucksack, if at all?”
Reply ”If, if at all, yeah.”

1485 ”Yeah.”

Reply ”Yeah.”

1485 ”And is that the same for Kate?”

Reply ”Yeah, yeah.”

1485 ”You mentioned early on, on the last interview as well, about a photo. You spoke brief about a photo you’d shown, you’d shown a photo.”

.........and so the subject is changed

Clearly David Payne has dropped himself right in the clart with his replies to this line of questioning, but instead of pushing him further into saying something incriminating, he was steered away from doing so.

There are many instances of this throughout all the statements. The Leicestershire Police even put a link to the McCanns page on their own website so anybody with information could contact them. These people were suspected of being complicit in the disappearance of their daughter, and yet our police were encouraging people to contact the McCanns with information, they even took them flowers!!!

Instead of covering for the McCanns, instead of treating the witnesses with kid gloves and instead suppressing evidence whilst pandering to the McCanns ridiculous whims why weren't Leicestershire Police doing what a police force should be doing? Is it to much to ask for a Police force to be seen to do it's job properly? No stone unturned? You're having a laugh!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

What's this about a football match Jane?

According to the police statements and the timeline created by Russell O'Brien, Gerry McCann left the table to check on Madeleine and the twins at 9:10pm on the 3rd May 2007. Jane Tanner left the table at 9:15pm and saw Gerry talking to Jez Wilkins on the street outside the McCanns apartment, 5a at 9:20pm. Nothing untoward about that version of events, even if it did take two attempts to draw up the timeline torn from the pages of Madeleine's sticker book. However, in a cutting edge documentary, Jane and Gerry have a discussion during which Jane talks about seeing Gerry on the street talking to Jez Wilkins:

"If you'd have been looking at me, coz I would have said something, coz Kate had been moaning that you'd been gone a long time watching the football"

Whoa, hold up! What football? There's no mention in the statements of Gerry being away watching football. 

Gerry doesn't even query this claim by Jane. What bothers me about this though, is that if Gerry did, as he says, leave the table at 9:10pm and Jane left at 9:15 that only leaves 5 minutes. The walk to the apartments takes approximately 2 minutes at a steady pace, that's 4 minutes there and back, 5 minutes if you allow a minute to check on the children. It's hardly long enough for Kate to be complaining that Gerry had been gone a long time watching the football. Although Russell O'Brien and Matt Oldfield did checks at 9:30 and 9:35 respectively, neither of them can confirm they actually saw Madeleine, which places Gerry, on record at least, as the last person to see Madeleine, and now it would seem away from the table for some time, and with no alibi for any more than 2 minutes, when Jez Wilkins and Jane Tanner saw him.

Another area for concern, is that during the cutting edge documentary, Gerry tries to contradict Jane and Jez's version of exactly where the conversation between himself and Jez took place. Gerry claims that he crossed the road to talk to Jez. whilst Jane is adamant this isn't true, she believes she saw Gerry on the same side of the road as apartment 5a. We know that Eddie, the cadaver dog, alerted to a light scent in the flower bed outside 5a, we also know Keela did not which strongly suggests that a human corpse was briefly placed in the flower bed. Almost as if it was in the process of being moved and had to be laid down temporarily. What could cause somebody to lay a dead body down outside the apartment it came from? Could it be the perpetrator was disturbed whilst moving the corpse, perhaps by somebody they knew? An abductor, surely would have hurried past a stranger in the street, much like the man Martin Smith saw did. If however Gerry was in the process of moving Madeleine, and he had spotted someone he knew walking towards him, he may well have laid Madeleine down out of sight, in the flower bed until the coast was clear. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What's this waffle of whooshing?

During an interview in 2008, Kate McCann entered herself into the running for best actress in a documentary.

“I did my check about ten o’clock and went in through the sliding patio doors, and I just stood actually, and I thought, uh, all quiet. And to be honest, I might have been tempted to turn round then, but I just noticed that the door, the bedroom door where the three children were sleeping, was open much further than we’d left it. I went to close it to about here, and then as I got to here, it suddenly . . . slammed, and as I opened it, it was then, that I just thought I’ll just look at the children. I see Sean and Amelie in the cot . . . .I was looking at Madeleine’s bed which is here, and it was dark and I was looking and I was thinking is that, is that Madeleine or is that the bedding and I couldn't quite make her out, and it sounds really stupid now, but at the time I was just thinking I didn’t want to put the light on because I didn't want to wake them, and literally as I went back in, the curtains of the bedroom which were drawn, [demonstrates with both forearms together] that were closed.........whooosh’ like a gust of wind kind of blew them open, and cuddle cat was still there, and the pink blanket was still there. I knew straight away that, err, she’d been . . . taken, yer know.”

Ok so let's take a look at this fantasy of Kate's, because if that's the truth then Pam Gurney isn't on twitter, and the earth is flat.

Why did Kate even bother to walk all that distance if she wasn't going to follow up her check? It beggars belief that she would merely stand and not check in the room, and that her only reason for investigating further was 

"the bedroom door where the three children were sleeping, was open much further than we’d left it."

I'm assuming by "we" she means her and her lousy excuse of a man Gerry. So why would that be odd? both Gerry and Matt Oldfield had checked on Madeleine earlier in the evening, Kate would surely have remembered Gerry's check as Jane Tanner stated, when discussing Gerry's check at 9:05..... 

"Kate had been moaning that you'd been gone a long time watching the football"

Moving onto the next oddity, and this one is a classic. The whooshing of the curtains. Kate clearly demonstrates with both arms how both curtains were drawn and then.......

"whooosh, like a gust of wind kind of blew THEM open" 

The weather was checked that evening, it was mild with a gentle breeze (14.4 kmph at 10pm to be precise) which wouldn't be enough to blow out the candles on a birthday cake, let alone force one of them out from behind the bed it is clearly tucked behind, and replace it before the police arrived and took photographs that evening. It just isn't possible, not only that but Kate failed to mention any of the above in her police statement.

Finally the last section.....

"cuddle cat was still there" not on the imaginary shelf Kate told the PJ she found it on, which created the scenario of an adult intruder having placed it there. As for that pink blanket on Madeleine's bed, what ever happened to that? Kate seems a little confused in the above interview she say's.....

"and the pink blanket was still there."

......however during an interview with Oprah Winfrey Kate states........

"I hope that whoever has her gives her her blanket, I hope that whoever has her is keeping her warm"

What blanket would that be then Kate, the one you never reported missing, the one we can see in the photographs still on Madeleine's bed after she was reported missing, the one the GNR tracker dogs used to attempt to track Madeleine's scent, the one that Goncalo Amaral was desperate to locate after it mysteriously disappeared in the days after you reported Madeleine missing, the same blanket that fibres found in the back of the McCann's hire car were linked to it, the very same blanket Goncalo suspected to have been used to wrap Madeleine's body in? Whatever it was used, for it is no longer anywhere to be found, neither is Madeleine, and the one thing that links those two losses is Kate McCann.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Robert Guest (Nick Townsend) - Multi ID'd troll

Meet the face behind a multitude of trolling ID's, this man will be known to those of you who follow the Madeleine McCann case online, as Robert D Guest, although he is currently using the name Richard David, the self proclaimed expert on everything McCann related. Take a look at his face, do you recognise this man? What I am about to tell you will leave you in no doubt, this man needs identifying and questioning by police. Please share this to your facebook walls, and your twitter accounts. 

For the purpose of this post, we will refer to the above man as Robert Guest, the first ID he used that was spotted as a shameless liar. I say first as Robert has used more ID's than James Bond, as you can see from his picture, the comparisons end right there. Other ID's that Robert has used are as follows:

Claudia Sores

Julia Clarke
Josh Bradley
Prateek Varshney
Richard David
Robyn White

Francis Williams
James Stanton
Graham Richard

So where to start with this list, let us begin with Prateek Varshney, using this ID, Robert portrayed himself as a disabled Asian man, confined to a wheelchair. He used this lie to worm his way out of confrontation, attacking others with venom, but using his fake disability to portray those who retaliated, as discriminatory scum, thus shutting down anyone who challenged what he was doing.

Robert also pulled the same stunt with another ID, Francis Williams. He claimed that the person whose picture he had used on this profile was in fact the imaginary Williams disabled son. Appalling behaviour. 

However the disturbing behaviour doesn't stop there, not content with making up fake disabilities, Robert also likes to have conversations with himself in groups. The screenshot to the left was taken from a group Robert has admin'd on under several guises, here we see the Williams ID having a pop at Pam Gurney (more on her later), and his other ID, (Richard David) questioning himself. Confused yet? The man must be positively puddled. 

The troll who trolls his own. Speaking of which it gives us great pleasure to present a truly marvellous thread to you, something that will have the genuine abduction believers holding their heads in their hands. What you are about to view is another post by the Francis Williams ID, only this time he is posing as an anti, he abuses the McCanns, attacks the pros, and declares Madeleine McCann dead. Something that has Gurney spitting feathers. It's a lengthy thread, but an important piece of the jigsaw:

we would love to know Pam Gurney's thoughts on the link above, as well as all the other pros Guest abused on the thread. What do they make of a man who uses the case of a missing little girl as his playground for fun. What do they make of the fact that their group leader Cass Sidebotham (real name Kate Holt) was fully aware that Guest was using this sock account for nothing more than his own twisted pleasure. Holt herself has done the very same, but we'll discuss her in good time. 

Before we move on, let's have another look at the face of this trolling scumbag, a man, and I use the term very loosely, who uses the case of a missing girl to preen his ego whilst hiding behind fake personas.

"Handsome chap isn't he" said one sewer rat to another. 

Not content with trolling adults, this disgusting creature has also stalked children. In particular the child of one poster on the facebook groups, who has been dogged for several months by Guest's relentless smear campaign against him.  With no regard for the youngster's online or real-life safety, and in  fact with supercilious glee, he publicly revealed their age and relationship with the targeted poster, along with an astonishing tirade of abusive and defamatory slurs against both parent and child.  Ironically, Guest often uses the McCann twins as justification for his attacks on critics of their parents, yet proves himself to be utterly hypocritical with his completely unwarranted attack on an innocent youth with no connection whatsoever to the social media conversations around the McCann case.

By now you should be getting an impression of just how depraved this monster is, but we're not done, not by a long shot. Take a look at this screenshot, it's another example of the disgusting depths this man will descend to. We've protected the identity of the lady Guest addresses, she has a fantastic family, and a wonderful husband. She has been a target of Guest's for some time, and been subjected to abuse by him, but it seems the lowlife pictured above is becoming more sinister by the day:


Protected by what he thought was anonymity, child stalker Guest was responsible for some of the most evil, disrespectful and intentionally provocative comments about Brenda Leyland.

The tragic story of Mrs Leyland, and her final days recently unfolded during an inquest. It was ruled in court that Mrs Leyland committed suicide having been doorstepped by Martin Brunt, and Sky News, what followed was a harrowing smear campaign by the British media, who labelled Mrs Leyland a troll, amongst other unfounded and untrue accusations. It wasn't however, the press that spouted the worst of the abuse. It was a section of an on-line group of "pro McCanns" Guest wasn't going to miss this bandwagon for the world, in fact he would make sure he was at the forefront. Her we see him crowing about how great the dossier was that led to Mrs Leyland being doorstepped:

Now if you believe for one second that this simple minded parasite ever cast an eye over the dossier, then you're mistaken. He would love to see it, but truth of the matter is, not even the pros have any respect for this maladjusted moron. He's a social outcast, the foul on the sole of the shoe of humanity, desperately clinging onto grandiose beliefs that by stalking children, insulting the dead, pretending to be women, lying and trolling, it somehow elevates his pitiful life to the dizzy heights of being liked, and admired. No this post, and many others like it were written with the sole intention of provoking anger. 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Gordon Brown comes to town

Much has been said about the influence Gordon Brown had upon the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine Mccann. Certainly the political intervention in this case was something the like of which had never been seen before. 

In her diary, Kate McCann wrote:

"WEDNESDAY, MAY 23: Gordon Brown (then Chancellor and PM in waiting) called and spoke with Gerry -very kind and giving encouragement.

Feeling a bit emotional afterwards."

On the 27th May 2007, and with the original source being the Guardian, Brendan de Beer wrote:

"Gordon Brown has personally intervened in the search for missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann after her parents became frustrated by the lack of progress in the police investigation.

After a series of telephone conversations with Madeleine's father, Gerry McCann, in recent days, the Chancellor requested assistance from the Foreign Office and the Home Office. He asked that pressure be brought to bear on the Portuguese authorities to allow more information about the inquiry to be made public.

Gerry and his wife, Kate, have been desperate for a description of a man seen carrying what appears to have been a child on 3 May to be made public, but Portuguese police refused for three weeks because of the country's laws, which forbid the details of an investigation being released.

The Observer understands that Brown gave the McCanns an assurance he would do 'anything he can' to help. The British embassy duly applied pressure on the Portuguese authorities to find more flexibility in their secrecy laws. British ambassador John Buck visited the Algarve last Thursday. A day later Portuguese police made a U-turn and issued a detailed description of the man, said to be white, 35 to 40, 5ft 10in and of medium build, with hair longer around the neck, wearing a dark jacket, light beige trousers and dark shoes.

Asked whether Brown had influenced the decision, Clarence Mitchell, a Foreign Office spokesman for the McCann family in the Algarve, said: 'Draw your own conclusions.' He said in a statement: 'I can confirm that telephone conversations have taken place between Gerry McCann and Chancellor Gordon Brown. During them, Mr Brown offered both Gerry and Kate his full support in their efforts to find Madeleine, although details of the conversations will remain private.''
This efit was of course the man Jane Tanner saw, that sighting eventually amounted to nothing. I find it very strange the McCanns didn't push the Smith sighting with such vigour, but then from all of Tanners many descriptions, none looked like Gerry.

Clarence Mitchell of course denied that any political pressure was being applied on the investigation. In an interview with the very likeable Sandra Felgueiras, Mitchell was adamant that no political interference was taking place.

A rather odd comment to make considering it was Mitchell himself who was sent by the British Foreign office, and who was directly accused of hindering the police investigation. Carlos Anjos, head of the Portuguese police federation said of Mitchell:

"Mr Mitchell wants to discredit the Policia Judiciaria and invent excuses so the McCanns do not come to Portugal to participate in the reconstruction of the night she disappeared."

"He lies with as many teeth as he has in his mouth. Finally we know what side truth is on."

As can be seen here, Clarence with his usual smugness, claims that it was him who was responsible for Gordon Brown contacting the McCanns:

Of course here we have a conundrum, as Jill Renwick, a friend of the McCanns, and also one of the first people the couple phoned with the false tale of the "broken" shutters, claims that she asked John Brown, the brother of Gordon to ask the PM in waiting for his help:

"I stopped him (John Brown) in the street the day afterwards and said, 'These are my friends. Do you think you could speak to Gordon about it?' And he said of course. I don't know if anything came about that way."

What was blatantly obvious though was that Gordon Brown was firmly on the side of the McCanns. He made the following statement that said as much:

"Every parent will be sympathising in their hour of need."

Goncalo Amaral had this to say about the political intervention:

“I don’t regret what I did, I did it with conviction, I did it to defend the investigation model, what a criminal investigation is supposed to be. Earlier, you spoke about the politically correct, the politically correct policeman. It is my understanding that criminal investigations cannot be politically correct, because they can’t be concerned with politics. And what happened, and continues to happen, is that we have to be politically correct, subordinate to the English power. That happens, it happened on the 2nd of October [of 2007] at the Lisbon Treaty, there were discussions between José Sócrates, then prime minister, and Gordon Brown, the English prime minister, who told the newspapers that he had asked the Portuguese prime minister about the [Maddie] case. So even before that it was already a political case. And when politics intrude into a criminal investigation, nothing will end well, whether the criminal investigation relates to a homicide, a burglary, a disappearance, or corruption.”

Relationships appeared to turn sour though, when in an article published by The Daily Mirror, dated Saturday the 20th February, it was reported that:

Kate and Gerry McCann yesterday accused the British Government of hampering the search for their missing daughter. They claim Portuguese cops have leads to Madeleine's disappearance but they have been unable to access them. The couple say despite meetings with Gordon Brown and top UK officials, the three-year investigation has stalled. And they claim red tape is blocking their own inquiries using private detectives. After their successful attempt to maintain a legal ban on publication of a book which claims Madeleine is dead, Gerry, 41, called for a complete review of the case. He said: "There are certainly instances where information we think is very credible and worthy of further investigation has not been actioned.

It seems Kate and Gerry like to live their lives through the press when it suits, and if you dare to not be bending over backwards for them, they'll let the world know in an attempt to gain yet more sympathy.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pamela "I'm not on twitter" Gurney

Ah yes, the obsessed and arguably deranged Pam Gurney. Supporter of convicted child killers, peddler of lies, specialist in stalking, racist nationalist, homophobic and steadfast sectarian. That's some set of social skills right there. Never before has there been a woman so blinded by her obsession of a family she has presumably never met, that she devotes every waking hour to defending them, and attacking anyone who doesn't believe the abduction story with everything including the kitchen sink. We saw in the last blog how Robert Guest totally played Pam for a fool, sucking her into his funfair for his own enjoyment, mocking her beliefs, and pressing every button within his grasp like a crazed dictator with a hangover. I have to wonder if Pam is aware of the fact she was so easily duped by the two people she holds in such high esteem. Kate Holt and Robert Guest have used the million dollar mouthpiece that is Gurney like a child with a toy, they have rolled around in hysterics at the gullibility of Pam, and oh how she made it so easy for them.

Despite her constant claims to the contrary, Pam was once a regular on twitter, posting vile abuse, hatred and derailing as many discussions about the McCanns as possible, until that is, Holt and Guest took over the reins of a small facebook group. The days of Pam tweeting her bile and hatred on the McCann hashtag became a thing of the past, as almost overnight she made the transition to facebook. The twitter accounts she had long been accused of using 15 hours a day, suddenly stopped tweeting, and as if by magic, at the same time she hit the ground running in a forum where she could lie, abuse and attack to her hearts content in the same way she did on twitter. Every waking hour, seven days a week.

Coincidence? There's no such thing, not when combined with the following syntax reports. Take a look at these comparisons, taken from the main accounts Pam used on twitter, and compared against her own facebook account:

Here's some comparisons to view as screen shots:

How about these two comparisons:



This next one is Pam at her disgusting worst, here she targets a cancer sufferer:

and also reveals another facebook account she used on facebook, "Melanie Matsers" , the Masters account was closed down by facebook for breaching facebook rules.

We've been treated to some bizarre claims from the woman some lovingly refer to as "The Gurnmonster", for instance, Pam states that she is party to details of Operation Grange's investigation, she even claimed to have been given the codename "Maria" by New Scotland Yard. "Cuckoo" These sort of comments are laughable, especially when combined with her "inside knowledge" that Madeleine is being held behind a high walled building in Morocco, by a wealthy Arab family who are looking after her, and that one day she will be returned to her loving parents. Let's hope they're not out on the razz, or they might take her away again.

It's not the Howling Mad Murdoch claims that we care about though, it's the disturbing threats, and Pam has made a cyber ton of them, including threats to Brenda Leyland, and targeted hatred to other users of social network sites. In Pam's own words:

Who indeed Pam, well now the readers are aware of some of your more sinister alter egos, let's look at the filth YOU tweeted to Brenda Leyland, both before, and after her death:

This is just a small selection of the many tweets Pam made only days after Brenda's death:

Despicable stuff eh! No surprise that the police said they were looking into the vile messages posted about Mrs Leyland, both before and after her tragic death. Pam seems to think she will be ok though, personally I wouldn't share that optimism if I was her, especially knowing that Guest and Holt would throw her under the bus at the first sign of trouble.